Year-round applications and admissions

GESS supports international families with year-round applications and the possibility to start on any Monday during school time. 

Our SureStart orientation programme ensures all our new students are fully supported and have a great start to school, no matter when they start.

GESS international school Singapore Offers:

  • We are a not-for-profit school founded by parents for the community 
  • International Baccalaureate (IB) programme for children aged 2 - 18 years old
  • Year-round admissions. Students can start on any Monday of the school year!
  • Special mother tongue language classes in  Dutch, Danish, German and more
  • Over 100 after-school programmes to choose from

International School of the Year 2023

GESS has been awarded Singapore International School of the Year winner by  HoneyKids Asia, standing tall among 40+ international schools in this annual award.


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How to shortlist and research Singapore international schools in depth

Our Admissions experts have created this list of tips for finding detailed information about international schools in Singapore and zooming in on the international school's culture, school life and programmes. If you need any help with choosing an international school in Singapore,  please contact our Admissions team.


The School's website

This is your go-to resource for finding more information and details about the international school. Deep dive into the curriculum pages, languages offered, after-school programme and school life pages.

We also recommend carefully reading the admissions pages on the school's website. Admissions pages contain information on how to apply to the international school, the grade placement or age cut-off dates and entry requirements.


School fees

The next step should be checking out the Singapore international school's fees page. Remember to check entry, application and confirmation or enrolment fees for new students. Also check small school fees which can quickly add up. These are fees such as materials, books, school trips, uniform, after-school programmes, school bus and re-enrolment fees. Some international schools in Singapore include these fees as part of the school fees and some will invoice these fees separately.  You can get a free personalised school fee breakdown by filling out the form above.


If you are moving to Singapore after the start of the school year, term or semester, check whether school fees are pro-rated based on your child's start date. International schools in Singapore cannot legally charge a deposit under Singapore law, however, many international schools will require a term or semester advance payment when enrolling a student.


School entry requirements

Very important information to find out, especially if the Singapore international school is a selective school. Check the general entry requirements and waiting list priority order. If your child is not fluent in English, definitely read the information about minimum English levels and English support programme (EAL) requirements.

For students applying to exam grades (iGCSE, O Levels, IB Diploma and A Levels), check if there are any entry requirements or minimum grades required.


Read Parent and Student testimonials

Quite often Singapore international schools display parent or student testimonials on their website or social media channels. Although the testimonials are selected by the school, the content is usually authentic from real families that have chosen that international school. You can also look at Singapore international school review websites.

Many of the Singapore expat publications have international school review or selector websites and forums. The value of reading parent and student testimonials is not so much whether the international school is a good, bad or the best international school in Singapore. All international schools in Singapore have very high standards. The value of the testimonials is in the reasons why the family chose the school and the family's profile. This gives you an idea if the international school will be a good match for your family.


International Schools' social media

Social media can give you a great insight into an international school's daily student life, atmosphere and values. Although the social media feed is curated, the photos, videos and stories told on a Singapore international school's social media profile are real and for expat families that can't travel to Singapore it is a powerful window into the international school's daily life. We definitely recommend viewing Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Linkedin posts for your shortlisted international schools in Singapore.


For Older children look at university destinations

Are you jumping straight to the average IB Diploma results or A level results for your shortlisted Singapore international schools? There is nothing wrong with this approach but before you do, you need to consider the different types of international schools in Singapore. There are selective schools that will only admit or allow existing students to move up to the IB Diploma programme if the student meets high entry requirements. These Singapore international schools naturally have higher average IB Diploma results. For non-selective international schools in Singapore, all students that meet minimum language requirements are allowed to enter the IB Diploma programme. It is normal that the IB Diploma cohort (grade) has a mixture of students ranging from academically gifted to students that are talented artists, sportspersons or scientists. The IB Diploma programme is a broad programme, different to A levels which focuses on 3 or 4 subjects only. 


To workout if the international school is a good fit for your child, it might be more realistic to look at what universities and / or what degree subjects graduating students go on to study at. Definitely also ask about the Singapore international school's university guidance programme and what support is offered throughout the IB Diploma programme.


Check out online Open House / Days events

Not quite sure if you want to enquire with a particular Singapore international school? School tours are very personal and also take up a lot of an expat family's time, especially if you have 4 or 5 international schools on your shortlist. A good way to efficiently check out Singapore international schools is to attend an  online open house. These virtual events will give you a more in depth look at the Singapore international school's academic approach, programme information and it is a great way to get the answers to your questions without committing to a school tour. If you are not in Singapore, the online or virtual open house format is a perfect solution to get a good idea of the school.

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